Events & Services


15 Min = £30

30 Min = £60

Picture Reading are where you are assessed and observed then Anna will read you face! £50

Email Readings £20

Astrology/Birth Chart £50

Palm Reader
One Palm £15
Two Palms £30

Tarot Reading

Ball Reading

Palm Reading

Picture Reading

Birth Chats

Meduim Readings

Please text Anna on 07900686746 before ringing the
premium line otherwise one of the other physics will answer.

You can pay by Paypal or CREDIT CARD

10 minutes = £10
15 minutes = £15
20 minutes = £20
25 minutes = £25
30 minutes = £30
60 minutes = £60

When paying bu Paypal please call Anna on 0121 249 1517 or on her mobile = 07900 686746
Please remember that outside England to add the code 0044
To book times of readings email me

Readings cost £15 for 5 questions - Love Money Health, Future, birth of Child, Chart Reading is £20. I can guide you with my readings - and all readings are for entertaining purposes only.

£1.50 per minute Recorded Age 18 and over

I have had my gift of clairvoyance since the ago of Six. My grandmother was a Romani Gypsy Lady who provided readings for people all her life - so I believe I have inherited my gift from her.

I have given readings to TV stars and famous people. I have provided readings all over the world.

I am only 43 years of age and my first experience was when I was six years of age.

I could look at people and see the past and I knew their future.I been a claivyant now for 28 years.

I am a specialist in Tarot, Crystal Ball and Palm Readings.I provide Telephone Reading both UK and International clients.I appear hotel events and private readings.

My Gift is My Life

My Life is My Gift

6 Packwood Close
Bentley Heath
Solihull B93 8AW

0121 249 5225

07900 686746




















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What I can Offer

From a very early age, I have been guided by spirit and have been enlightened by the many things that have happneed to me along my own pathway.

So much so, that i have read and taught professionally for the last 30 years. My ealiest memory of spirit is aged 6. My aim is to help you, by Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Psychometry I will deal with your issues and guide you into a more positive place...

Your personal possessions (sychometry) can offer suggestions and choices that may be helpful in the foreseeable future, As well as dealing with past issues. Having a reading can be very insightful and will help you to find your own answers. I give TV Readings and TV star Readings.